Monday, November 20, 2006

Old and New

One of the amazing things about the Christian life is the incredible opportunity we each have to connect with people in the name of Jesus. I am convinced the key to friendships in to have a common interest with someone else. The common interest creates the opportunity for a friendship to develop.

This past week Pam and I had a wonderful experience of teaching our new course on Abiding to Tsai and Elza who are "old" friends from our first church planting experience back in the 1980's. Tsai came to our church early in its existence and brought his girlfiend Elza. He was a follower of Jesus but she needed a little help seeing Jesus as her perfect Saviour. It was our privilege to help her see and she believed. Today they are faithfully serving the Lord as a couple and now want to teach the Abiding course to others.

I also travelled to a new Brazilian city and made new friends. The connecting point was our common interest in Jesus. What a wondeful benefit deep and lasting friendships are among all who find Jesus deeply interesting.

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