Monday, September 03, 2007

Ask 15

At the beginning of 2007 we asked our Abide Partners to "Ask 15". This list of goals included the desire to see 15 international connections for the Abide Ministries. I have learned from this "Ask 15" that one must be ready to "Act 15", too!

Because we asked, I am on my way to India over Christmas. That is what can happen when we ask! Our world expands and we must move toward the open doors.

Back when I was pastor of the First Baptist Church of West Hollywood, a dear family from India joined our community of faith.
The Maken family became dear friends. Mani and Pam Maken dreamed of seeing a church built in India so the people they love could hear about Jesus and the abiding life. Well, that dream is coming true and the building the Makens have helped to build will be dedicated on Dec. 23rd. On Christmas day a citywide celebration will also be held. I am to be the guest speaker at the Maken's request.

That means a 22 hour flight and being away from family on Christmas. We asked! It will be an honor!

I will also be holding a one day retreat for 50 pastors and sharing the Satisfying Life course in English with translation into Hindi.

Now I need one more prayer. "Ask for calm flight". As you know, I only fly by faith alone. Any other way and I would not get on the plane.


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ABIDING77 said...

Bud, This is so exciting!! what an honor.. You must be delighted to serve in such a mighty way. Ron and I will be in prayer for you also Mani and Pam as they abide. As you travel to abide in God's plan I know he will give you more peace the less you worry!!
" PHILIPPIANS 4:6-9" this would be your advise to me :0)

Love you , Cheryl ^j^