Monday, October 01, 2007


I am beginning to see that all of creation glorifies God by giving its "fruit" as it was designed by God to give. The fruit of the sun is light and warmth. The fruit of the rain is satisfaction of thirst. By being predictable and available, sun and rain bless everyone by simply being what they were designed to be. As humans, we were designed to be predictable in two ways. We are to be predictably loving God and predictably loving our neighbor. Jesus was the only human to ever be 100% predictable as love.

Faith is relaxing in the predictability of God. "He is.... and He rewards". This kind of rest in God's predictability creates rest for our souls (mind, emotions and will). A sign we are bearing fruit is that those closest to us can rest in our presence. We are predictable! We love. By being lovingly predictable, we are not a cause of more soul disturbances in the life of another.

To love is give the best of me and the best I have to others--including enemies-- 24/7 and moment by moment. This is why I must go the extra mile. I must give the best of me even when someone is only demanding one mile. One mile is simply what is required. The best of me is the Vine-Jesus. The best I have is the fruit of the Vine. I give what I receive--the best of Him and the best He has. "Without Me you can do nothing."

Think of all the things we have to deal with each day because we cannot predict how others will act toward us? We arm ourselves. We lock ourselves behind alarm systems and bolted doors. We erect defense systems emotionally to protect our feelings even from those who say they love us. We are prisoners of unpredictability. Possessing and protecting seem to be our only hope.

Abiding is to live in the predictability of God's love toward us moment by moment in the Vine. By abiding we are released from the prisons of unpredictability.

Think of the vulnerability of a vineyard. Its protection is in the tenacity of its life (Vine) and the eyes of its protector (Vinedresser). Think of the fruit that these two predictable and unchanging sources can produce. It is the branches that must abide in these predictable sources 24/7 and moment by moment. "Abide in my love (predictable) as I have abided in my Father's love (predictable).
Fruit is the visible manifestation of God's predictability received by us. "His mercies endure forever".
To bear fruit is to make God's predictable love visible and available to those in my world so they can rest.

When I am no threat to anyone and a source of love then I am bearing fruit. I can only become "no threat" if I can learn to live in God's predictable love in Christ.

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