Monday, September 01, 2008

Proof of God's existence

I visit the Fox news site several times a day to stay in touch with world events. One can take only so much of CNN international!
The famous (infamous?) Michael Moore decided to demonstrate his theological bent by suggesting that hurricane Gustav is proof God exists. Of course he is referring to the timing of the storm coming ashore at the mouth of the Mississippi river at the same moment the GOP convention is beginning at the other end of the Mississippi river.

Proof of God's existence or God taking sides is continuously sought by different groups who want to appear supported by God. Interpreting God's support through disasters or successes is dangerous. Just ask the former Democratic National Convention leader who linked the storm to God's displeasure with the GOP. When will we learn that God does not take sides? He does not need to. He is bigger than sides.

There is only one true historical proof that God is firmly with any of us and that that is Jesus' sustained love for us as demonstrated by the storm of our sins God allowed to strike Him and only Him at Calvary.

If we want to claim proof of God's existence with us, there is only one way. We must be like Jesus in this very needy and messy world. "As You sent Me into the world, I have sent them into the world" Jesus quoted in John 17:18

Being like Jesus means we must sustain love toward others. Only this proves God is with us. When Democrates love Republicans we can all say God is with us! Yes, that means we even have to love Michael Moore. Now that is supernatural for sure.

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