Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What do you say?

I cannot remember a time in my life when a greater number of my dearest friends were suffering as my friends are suffering now.
What do I say?

Do I say to them and to myself "God can", "God might" or "God will"? Are these the options? God can heal you or help you. God might heal you or help you. God will help you or heal you. Which are the words of comfort?

As I spent some hours awake last night praying and wrestling with waves of frustration and even anger at what I am seeing, these thoughts pounded on my soul demanding a choice. What do you say to those you love when they suffer?

Then another option came. "God is". God is loving me and my friends right now. God's name is "I Am" not I can, I might or I will.
God is loving my friends. I should, too.

What do you say? Try "God is". God is loving you and I am loving you, too. When I said this to myself my soul rested for the first time in a while. Everything changed because His love does not.

Pray for my friends that they will know "God is". Pray for me that I will not forget "God is".


jcsemp said...

dear pastor bud,just as you taught us at fbcwh abiding in Him will keep us in times of storms.Thank you for the years of your tender shepparding and careful teaching of Gods truth and promises.. that has helped me to hold on while time heals the hurts.you will ALWAYS be my Pastor! may God continue to bless you and sweet Pam.With much regard,c. semper

Gina of Hope said...

As I read the first few lines of this post, in my heart I said "God is"... which is what you then said as well...
Just a little reminder to my heart that God is faithful in the small things, as well as the big things.
I find myself often saying these days, "Life is tough. God is good."
I was at HCS and FBCWH from 1978 thru 1986, so we prayed for your family as 'the missionaries' throughout that time. You don't know me, but I often still pray for you and your family... and I am praying again now for all those we love involved in these events. I agree with the stance that "This is where things will really get good! Because God will ALWAYS find a way to bring glory to Himself, and now there's no way for anyone else to be given any credit!"
I am also often comforted by the fact that God has not been suprised by any 'turn of events' in our lives... He's not suddenly looking for a 'Plan B'...
God is.

amosprobos1 said...

"I cannot remember a time in my life when a greater number of my dearest friends were suffering as my friends are suffering now.
What do I say?"

That's the exact thought and struggle I have recently been thrust into. Your answer of "God Is" is amazing. God is there, God is the comforter, God is the answer. I hope to portray this soon to greiving family members in rememberance of a son. Let's pray for each other and our friends.

bud mccord said...

How simple the words "God is" are! How wonderful they meant something to all of you, too. Why am I surprised? Beginning at God is always the right place to start the evaluation of anything.
Your comments blessed me.
Bud McCord