Friday, June 19, 2009

Why Abide?

I have been repeatedly asked when I am going to "move on" from the Abide emphasis that has taken root in my life. When I was first asked this question I was a little offended. Today I just smile when asked.

Auhor Mike Wells tells the story of an old man sitting in a park in a poor country. The old man sits there day after day guitar in hand. Whenever a person draws close to him he offers to play any song they name. When they name the song he plays it.
What is unusual is that he plays every song with his hand on the guitar frets always in the exact same position.

When he is asked why he never moves the position of his fingers on the frets, he says, "Why should I move them? I found what everyone else is looking for?"

To me, abiding is finding what everyone else (including me) is looking for in spiritual formation.

Abiding is the perfect picture of spiritual formation for every disciple.
Abiding is the perfect moment by moment process for glorifying God.
Abiding the perfect power for overcoming sin and loving continuously.
Abiding is the perfect Person in me--Jesus.

I won't be moving my hand off the abiding frets any time soon. I like this music and I would love to hear how you play the music of abiding in Jesus moment by moment.

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