Tuesday, May 31, 2011


“For to me to live is Christ.”

Today I will love. That is what disciples of Jesus do every day.

Today I will listen to Jesus’ loving voice. Only His voice will set me free to love.

Today I will receive love directly from Jesus who is the source of pure love. Christ lives in me and He is generous with His love.

Today I will see my agenda as Jesus’ loving agenda. What appear to be accidents I will see as Divine appointments that will lead to love.

Today I will let Jesus’ perfect love give rest to my mind, emotions and will. Love from Jesus flows best through me when my soul is at rest.

Today I will see God’s love at work around me. Jesus will open my eyes to God’s loving presence.

Today is a good day for love and Jesus is ready to love through me.

Today is Christ in me.

Bud McCord
Abide International

Abide International is an organization dedicated to helping Christ-followers worldwide
understand and experience true satisfaction in Jesus as a moment by moment reality.

Abide International - 17701 N.W. 57th Avenue - Miami, FL 33055
Web: www.abideinternational.org - Email: info@abideinternational.org

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