Tuesday, April 29, 2014


“Jesus is all…”
The Father decided that the fulness of God would abide in Jesus.   All that God intends to give to mankind is in Jesus.  Jesus is all.

The Father decided that every disciple would receive all He is willing to give by the Spirit of Jesus within each disciple.  Jesus in us is the revelation of the mystery of all of God’s generosity.  Jesus is all.

It is not Jesus plus something else that we need in order to be the church.  It is all of Jesus that we need for the church to be the church.  Jesus is all the church needs and all the church will receive.  Jesus is all.

It is not Jesus plus a great, annointed leader that we need to be what God expects us to be.  Jesus is all the leader we need to be what God expects us to be.  Jesus is all.

Since Jesus is all, we can rest and stop trying to add to Jesus anything or anyone else.
Cooperate with Jesus and you will find you have all you need to be everything God wants you to be and to do.  Jesus is all.

Bud McCord
Abide International

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