Wednesday, February 24, 2016


A Christian who is walking in the Spirit of Christ is generous.  The Spirit of Christ in every believer is a river of generous living water.  A Christian does not have to create or sustain this river of generosity.  The Christian must believe Jesus within is the source of this river and simply release the river of generosity.

Human generosity exists because Jesus exists.  Jesus and generosity are one and the same.  The Christian and generosity should also be one and the same.

Generosity and sin do not mix.  They are opposites.  Sin is afraid to be generous.  Sin is concerned with acumulating and taking.  Generosity is open and unafraid.  Generosity always believes the source named Jesus will never run out of resources.

All of the metaphors Jesus used to describe the kind of human life and behavior the Father desires are metaphors of generosity.  Light is generous.  Salt is generous. Seeds are generous.  Sheep are generous.  Even children are happilly generous when deeply loved.

If we want to witness to others about who Jesus is, we would do well to begin with acts of generosity and then speak generous words.

“Preach the Gospel always and when necessary use words.”  These words attributed to Francis of Assisi are a good place for generous Christians to start. Perhaps we can also say “Be continuouly generous. When the right moment comes explain with words that Jesus is the source of your generosity.”

Walk in the Spirit and you will walk in generosity.  Sooner or later someone will want to know where your generosity comes from.

Bud McCord
Abide International

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