Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Our gaze

Being so far from family and friends is the hardest part about being here in Brazil. If "absence makes the heart grow fonder", our family and friends need to know our love has grown greatly. It has!

One thing that helps us is the wonderful invention called e-mail--especially e-mails that contain pictures. Gazing at a picture that came from one of our "children" is like being with them. When we are together we get to see the same things at the same time.

Abiding is to be seeing Jesus clearly as our source of satistaction and purpose. Abiding depends on paying attention to the Vine. Abiding has to do with the direction of our gaze.

Yesterday Pam and I visited a mountain hotel where we spent a few wonderful days back in the ancient 80's. To gaze on the unchanging beauty of that place made our past connect with our present. It also gave great hope for the future. We were inspired as we gazed on what God keeps satisfying each day.

When we are abiding we are gazing at Jesus. When our children are abiding they are gazing at Jesus. When our friends are abiding they are gazing at Jesus.

How far away can we be from each other if we can all see the same wonderful person at the same time? I feel close to all I love when I gaze on Jesus. Can you see Him right now?

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