Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Sacred Space

The camp facility that Abide Brazil ministries will use as our "home" for the coming years has a wonderful, yet sad history.
The camp was originally a hospital for Brazilians fighting tuberculosis.

Run as a cooperative effort among several evangelical churches the hospital received patients who were literally fighting for their lives. The cold mountain air gave hope for a cure, but the disease separated loved ones from their families for years at a time. To walk on the beautifuly camp grounds it is hard to imagine how many people spent day after day restricted to this small place in the world. They could not leave until they were healed.

The state of the human soul is also powerful enough to separate us from family and friends for years. Though we may live in the same house or even attend the same church, we can be separated by sicknesses of the soul and spirit.

I believe God is going to use this camp to heal people in a new way. People will learn to abide and then they will be free to go home and meet their families, the church family and society in a new and healthy way.

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