Friday, January 19, 2007

Love and Generosity

For the past month Pam and I have been in the USA visiting family and our abide partners. We have experienced something Jesus promised when he told His followers that anyone who left family or home to follow Him would have many homes and an expanded family. We are living proof of this spiritual reality.

Pam and I have no home in the USA and we live the majority of the year over 5000 miles from family. Upon arrival in the USA on December 18th we began to see Jesus' promise coming true. We have literally been taken into homes, fed more food than we could or should ever eat, been loaned cars and blessed on an hour by hour basis.

Though this type of life has been strange to us after 18 years in our own home and leading a local church, we are blessed to be in this situation. We have seen Jesus' words come true day after day. We are truly rich living in, through and for Him.

Love and generosity are directly linked. It is impossible to say we love someone and not open our hearts. If open hearts mean love is in actiion, we have seen a lot of love this past month.

When we return to Brazil our home is a place of refuge for many and our table is a sacred space for others. We love being on the giving end, but we all need to be on the receiving end to see all of love's many beautfiful manifestations.

Just imagine what it will be like to be in a place someday where love is really free to flow! It will be beyond our wildest imaginations. For now, this little taste of love has been a joy for us.

The attached pictures are just a few reminders of some who who loved us along the way in the USA.

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