Saturday, February 24, 2007

Receiving and Releasing

One of the most important aspects of the Abiding Life is to receive well from God as the starting place for all activity for God.
As Jesus said in John 6 "This is the work of God that you believe in Him who He has sent." To believe is to receive. In order to believe we have to drop our barriers and accept what is coming our way as good and true. To abide is to always be looking to Jesus as the source of what good and true and brings life. He is all that and more!

Once we begin to learn to receive well our lives pick up speed of activity not in order to receive but in order to release what has been received. We work from and not for. We see ourselves releasing what grace has provided freely. This kind of activity is not nearly as stressful to the one working. It is not so stressful because the pressure to produce has been replaced by the joy of receiving.

When groups of people live this kind of reality together, the most amazing exhanges of life and resources begin to occur. Suddenly we become interconnected by releasing what we have received. A community of intense and joyful receiving and releasing is made visible and God is glorified.

The pictures attached to this blog are the result of a community of branches receiving and releasing together. As we have connected with God's desire to release we have been connected together in a wonderful ministry of releasing together. Pam and I are joyfully releasing in Brazil into a visible construction project where people will come to be taught to abide. As they abide they, too, will release with us and our Vineyard will grow and grow here in Brazil and across the world.

If you are not in this enjoyable process with us it is simple to join. Just ask the Father in the name of Jesus to give you something to release for others through Abide Brazil. When it comes, release it and we promise to pray the same prayer about you and your world. We want to be connected with you through God!

The pictures show what will soon be the Abiding Life Training Center in the mountain city of Campos do Jordãõ here in Brazil. It is on the camp property where our retreats will be held. This remodeled house will also be the site of our first ever Abiding Coaches training here in Brazil August 9-19, 2007. We hope to host at least 15 people from the USA and other countries who want to learn to be capable of discipling others in the Abiding Life Jesus described in John 15.

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