Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Every now and then I read something that is so well said that I just want everyone I know and love to read it. Today I read just such a statement. Author Mike Wells in his new book HEAVENLY DISCIPLESHIP, makes the following statement on the back cover of the book:

"Generally the concept of discipleship follows a consistent model. First the determination is made about what is lacking in the disciple, and then attempts begin to try to fill that insufficiency. In short, dicipleship has deteriorated to the effort of putting something into a person. Heavenly discipleship begins from a different paradigm. First, it believes that the fulness of Christ exists in every believer, and second, the task of every disciple-maker is to reveal that great truth. Discipleship is not putting Christ or His characteristics into a person but rather revealing the Christ that dwells in a person. It is not working for but from. When a disicple works for what he already has, he will lose that which he has."

This new book by Mike Wells is available through the website Abidinglife.com

If you are ready for a paradigm of abundance and life, read the book. If you want to learn to disciple people in this way, come to Brazil in August and we will learn together.

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