Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Amazon

Pam and I have just returned to our first trip to northern Brazil since returning to Brazil. We were guests at Word of Life North where we were able to minister to students and staff at the Word of Life Bible Institute. What a great ministry!

The young people at this institute are being trained to be able to minister among the 33,000 villages that can be found along the many rivers in the Amazon region of Brazil. We were taken to visit one of these river communities. The price paid to minister in these difficult to reach places is amazing. We visited the closest one to the Word of Life facility and it was still quite a day of heat and effort.

Our dear friends Bill and Mary Jo Price were saved many years ago through Word of Life in the USA and now they travel to the 51 international Word of LIfe locations to bless and encourage these great people. Bill and Mary Jo invited us to come to northern Brazil so Abide Ministries could make a connection with the leaders there.

There was also a youth congress held during this same trip and we were able to participate in the teaching ministry to the 200 teens who attended. It made us feel young again!

Click on photos to enlarge. Photos top to bottom.
#1 Guest speaker Dave Boque speaks at youth conference.
#2 Gary and Sandy Parker--Directors of Word of Life North
#3 John Reimer--Director for Word of Life Brazil--oversees seven locations
#4 Bill and Mary Jo Price
#5 The meeting of the two rivers that create the huge Amazon river. Notice they don't mix!
#6 The view from above as we flew over the Amazon.
#7 The river ministry transportation
#8 Elaine Bogue and Pam
#9 and #10 People who live on the river

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