Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Quiet Influence

July 15th marks two years since we arrived back in Brazil. What a ride these past two years have been!
July 11th also marked another birthday for Pamela Ruth McCord. What a blessing Pam is!

A group of Pam's friends surprised here with a small party. They recognize Pam's quiet influence. Truly, Pam's influence "sneaks up" on you. Without using anything but the quality of her life and words, Pam wins people over to a more godly life.

Just recently the head maintenance person in our building was saved and baptized. Can you guess who influenced him?
If you had been in our church a few weeks back you would have seen him being baptized. Pam went into the baptistry waters with him since it is the custom of our church for the person who most influenced someone to come to faith in Christ to do so.

It is no small thing for someone to give you this honor at their baptism. This dear man wanted Pam to witness his baptism since she was the quiet influence that made the difference.

I am so glad God reveals Himself in so many ways. I especially like Pam's style of influence. It sure has worked on me!

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