Sunday, July 01, 2007

This Moment

As Pam and I have been traveling with the TIME team from Miami, we have been reminded again and again how quickly our life passes by. It seems like only yesterday we brought our first team to Brazil back in 1976. Over thirty years ago we stepped off a plane in Rio with a group of young adults. Some of those young adults are now over 50 years of age!

It is easy to get discouraged with the passing of the years as one watches the energy of youth. Yet, there is a way to embrace the changes that come as time is flying by. We can learn to embrace each moment.

One sign of true spiritual maturity is to learn that the Christian life is one moment at a time. The Christian life is the life of Jesus in us. His life is forever the same in us moment by moment.

We look on the outside for support and affirmation. He is on the inside and He is our support and affirmation. He is the same and we can embrace this moment as just as important as any moment.

Our oldest son, Ken, Just turned 35 years old. I remember being 35 like it was yesterday. I believe a 35 year old man is at his very peak of development. For me, 35 seemed as if I was ready for whatever my calling from God would bring. Little did I realize at the time that being 35 was a moment with Jesus just like the moment I am living now. Right now is a moment for my calling and my complete life in Jesus.

The physical world is not the place to look for affirmation and support. The place to look is into the timeless and perfect life of the One who abides in us.

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