Monday, October 27, 2008

Quiet Evangelism

For many, many years I have tried in subtle and not so subtle ways to modify my wife's behaviour.   Pam has lovingly refused to be made in my image.  

I have tried to convince Pam that submission means to let me make these changes.  She has consistently and quietly refused to buy this line of thinking.  How wonderful she lovingly refused!  The past 37 years of marriage has proven that she knew that God made her in just the right way.

Just yesterday another person received Christ as their Saviour because of Pam being Pam.
Pam's influence is the kind that lives out the words--"Preach the Gospel always.  When necessary use words."

I am still tempted to try the Bud definition of submission on Pam from time to time.  Both she and God smile and continue to rejoice in how God has made her to be her.

My ideas were not all bad.  It is just that God's ideas are always best.

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