Friday, October 24, 2008


When the message of Jesus perfect presence in us is taught to a group of believers, the result is amazing. Hearing this good news of Jesus' presence causes people to sense immediate hope and rest for their souls. Why is that?
I believe it is because the vision of a perfect life and perfect love abiding in us 24X7 and moment by moment raises the hope of permanent freedom from the tyranny of the secret evil impulses we all carry and we all hate. It raises hope that what the Scriptures calls "the flesh" can be dealt with.

For purposes of these brief thoughts, let's define evil as any impulse or stimulus that gives me permission to be unloving to anyone at any time. When I find in me a way to give myself permission to mistreat anyone I am in the grip of evil. That may sound extreme but a clear reading of the sermon on the mount will show that Jesus demands a no evil and complete love standard for all who would be salt and light. The sermon on the mount describes a life of no evil and a life filled with only love. The sermon on the mount describes Jesus and what he intends for all of us as we abide in Him. Evil must go.

With this thought in mind about evil being the ability to give oneself permission to mistreat, hate or abuse others, read the following article on the Austrian father who held his own daughter captive and had 7 children with her. Notice the power of this permission he found to mistreat. He says this permission came from the abuse he received at the hands his mother. Warning--the story is graphic.,2933,442925,00.html (Cut and paste this site into your browser if it does not appear as a link)

If we do not help people become stimulated by the very presence of Jesus in them (disciple them) , then they, too, will resemble volcanos that are just waiting to explode. Only a stimulus that is perfect love and stimulates to love 24X7 can conquer the evil stimulus that says I have a permanent and living excuse not to love. To love without stopping like Jesus did, I must be loved without stopping. Jesus abiding in me is that stimulating and unstopping love that changes everything.
Jesus in me changes my permission to be evil, into a permission to love.

This Austrian father could have been saved from the evil stimulus that was planted in him during childhood. He could have been free to love. Jesus could have set him free and still can. That is the power of stimulus and response.

In your own heart check and see if you have given yourself permission to mistreat, hate or abuse out of the pain of your past. Recognize that your will cannot overcome this permission that is driven by your past pain. Focus on Jesus and see His constant presence and love as your only hope. You are loved by Jesus. Abide in that love and you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh which gives you permission to explode into other's lives without permission from them.

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