Monday, March 02, 2009


One of the downsides of living in a large city is the constant contact with concrete and manmade things. As soon as one leaves the city something in the human soul breathes a little easier.

I love cities. I love people. There is no denying, however, that nature speaks better for the Creator than what man has produced on top of nature.

This morning I walked for an hour in a park near our home. As I walked in this stubborn little refuge against man's desire to concrete every inch, I was struck with a thought that I have had over the years. This morning it was even a stronger thought.

Every flower, tree, bird and plant continues to glorify God just as they did in the garden of Eden. They do not sin. They are fulfilling their God-given role moment by moment. They are what they were meant to be.

Every day I live in the presence of sinlessness.

Jesus told us to consider birds and flowers in Matthew 6. He could do so because they are sinless. They have never rebelled against their Creator. No matter how much we concrete them in, they still fight to glorify their Creator and in the process bless those who do their best to cover them in concrete.

Humans were designed by God to deliver love 24/7 and moment by moment. Humans were meant to deliver love without interruption and without regard for friend or enemy. Jesus did that. We do not.

Now that Jesus has overcome sin, the world and the Devil by uninterrupted love, we, too, have hope of glorifying God again.
We can never be sinless, but our constant contact with the sinless One who abides in us makes glorifying God possible again.

There is hope for sinless humanity since the one sinless human came and lived with us. Now that He lives in us there is "the hope of glory." Never believe in your own sinlessness. Believe in His and rivers of living water will flow from your life.

Always remember it is not about concrete. It is about life and love. If you must live in a city as I do, fill it with love as you walk on the concrete. Cities can be beautiful when filled with life and love from the One sinless life.

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