Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Azores Islands

Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would be holding an abide retreat on an Island chain called the Azores. Situated about a four hour flight from Boston, these incredibly beautiful islands are home to over 250,000 people who are a part of Portugal. Much like the Hawaiian Islands are part of the USA, so, too, these islands and their people trace their history back to Portugal.

Much of life in the Azores islands has remained pretty much unchanged. The local residents say their world is the "old Europe".
That is most clearly seen by the dominance of the Catholic faith on the islands. Santo Miguel island, where we ministered, is home to about 140,000. The Evangelical population is about 500 on that island. Being separate from the Catholic church is to be separate from the island's culture.

A new church is being started on this island and Pam and I were guests of the two families who are leading this challenge.
The task they have before them is truly one that will require abiding moment by moment in Jesus for satisfaction and fruit.

Enjoy a few pictures of these fine people and their beautiful island home.

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