Thursday, January 21, 2010

Martinsville, Virginia-The Table

Over the past 4 years we have prayed that the Abide Message would take root in the lives of young leaders in the USA and around the world. Our prayers are being answered.
Mike and Katie Waddell returned to Martinsville, Virginia a little over a year ago. Pam and I visited them in January of 2009 just after they were getting settled in from spending nearly three years with Ken and Kellie McCord in San Francisco. Mike's vision was to initiate an abide dialog among the 516 churches that already exist in the Martinsville area.
Mike was born and raised in Martinsville and he has a deep passion for his generation and their connection to Jesus and to the needs of Martinsville.
In one short year Mike and Katie have seen the dialog about Christ in us be embraced by more than a dozen churches through the new ministry call The Table, Inc.
On Tuesday January 19th God allowed Pam and me to be the guests at the bi-weekly meeting of The Table. It was literally an opportunity to see the Abide Message taking root in Martinsville and in the younger generation.
Martinsville has suffered a nearly total economic meltdown but it is wonderful soil for delivering God's love.
Pray for Mike and Katie.

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