Monday, February 28, 2011

Breathe and Rest

I am so deeply in debt! I have lost control. I am suffocating. I am about to faint.

Even being so deeply in debt to God, His grace in Christ keeps coming to me day after day. Like oxygen I have never produced, His grace surrounds me. I have paid for none of it yet I continue to breathe in His grace in order to live. I cannot stop. I have become as dependent on His grace as I am on oxygen.

My debt grows exponentially until my hope to settle the debt overwhelms me. I weep. He smiles. He laughs. He knows I am too poor to pay. He finally has me where I belong—breathing His grace with no way to pay.

Suddenly I see the truth. I am not in debt! I am in His love. We live and dance as one.

I rest. Finally I can see what He wants. Freely I have received. Now freely I can give.

When I lost control I found my life. I live to give. I live to love.

Freely you have received, freely give. Matthew 10:8

Bud McCord
Abide International

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