Monday, February 07, 2011

First Thought: Christ in You

First Thought
Christ in You
"Christ is all and is in all.” Col. 3:11

When you awaken each day remember that Jesus abides in you. Verbally affirm His presence as your entire Christian life. Tell Him you are thrilled He abides in you. Never start a day from what you lack.

Listen to how Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola describe Jesus in their wonderful book Jesus Manifesto.

Jesus is…

Your Shepherd, your Advocate, your Mediator, your Bridegroom, your Lion, your Lamb, your sacrifice, your manna, your smitten Rock, your living water, your food, your drink, your good and abundant land, your dwelling place, your Sabbath, your new moon, your Jubilee, your new wine, your feast, your aroma, your anchor, your wisdom, your peace, your comfort, your Healer, your joy, your glory, your power, your strength, your wealth, your victory, your redemption, your Prophet, your Priest, your kinsmen redeemer, your teacher, your guide, your liberator, your deliverer, your Prince, your Captain, your vision, your sight, your beloved, your way, your truth, your life, your author, your finisher, your beginning, your end, your age, your eternity — your all and all.

May the perfect and positive presence of Jesus be your first thought not your last.

Bud McCord
Abide International


Rebekah Stevens said...

This makes for a much better, more peaceful day than I could have in my own strength and efforts. Thanking God and you for that!

Rebekah Stevens said...

I'm going to post this on my blog, okay? love you!