Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Spirituality and Attention

“Whatever gets your attention gets you.” Mike Wells

It takes some time for us to verify if a great saying is actually true.  Just because something sounds true does not mean it will stand the test of time and practice in our lives.

After many years of testing Mike Well’s statement about attention I can confidently say this saying is true and worthy of trust.

Each day I live the challenge to stay focused on the perfection of Jesus instead of dividing my attention with the distractions and distortions of the world that surrounds me.  For me, the question of who gets my attention each day has become the singular question that determines the quality of my daily life and love.

I have come to believe that staying focused on Jesus is the very essence of what some call spiritual warfare.  When I start my day focused on and inspired by Jesus I defeat the power of lack that fills and frustrates the world around me and I begin to deliver the love of Jesus that abides abundantly in me.  Focusing on Jesus in me as my source of life and love keeps me receptive to His perfection and something of His life and love can flow from my life day by day.

Spirituality, attention and love are forever linked.  Anyone who wants to move beyond imitating Jesus sporadically toward living Jesus continuously will need to live with their attention on Jesus moment by moment.  When at war one’s attention must stay on what wins the war.

Jesus wins the war in us and through us moment by moment if we pay attention to Him.  Abide in Jesus!


Bud McCord
Abide International

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