Monday, June 16, 2014


“Christ is all ”
Col. 3:11

Jesus is all there is.  He is the source of all that exists.   He is the power that is all and sustains all.

It pleased the Father that the fullness should abide in Him.  He is where we must look to see all.  He is the one to whom we must listen to hear all. He is the path where we walk with all.

Letting the power of  “all” settle into our mind, emotions and will is the way   to finding personal, inner peace.   When we know that “all” is a Person who loves us we can finally rest. The peace we all seek only comes when we find all.

Jesus wants all of us.  Jesus cannot ask us to come to Him partially.  All must ask all. He asks us to commit to Him as all.  He asks us to eat His flesh and drink His blood because we must be filled and sustained by all He was, is and always will be.

Since He is all there is, there is no way to relate to Him partially. Jesus’ says those who love Him will finally obey Him fully.

He is all. He asks all. He gives all.


Bud McCord
Abide International

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