Wednesday, March 04, 2015

A Sickness Called No and a Healing Called Yes

“For all the promises in Him are yes…” 
II Cor. 1:20

God did not create mankind in His own image to live with no as our starting point. The opening two chapters of Genesis are clearly yes in every aspect. God is the essential yes in all life. He created us to live a healthly yes.

The introduction of man’s independence from God began man’s descent into a deadly sickness called no. No breeds negativity, blame, distress, violence and death.

The sickness of no began spreading through human experience until it had humanity clearly in its negative grip. Then Jesus was born. The healing called yes was back. The sickness of no could be healed by yes in Jesus.

One of the surest signs Jesus is alive in our inner life is that our natural no turns to a supernatural yes. We slowly begin to see yes filling the spaces where we only saw no. We become people who speak a healthy yes in moments where our usual response would have been a sickly no.

Jesus’ power to turn a person in the grip of no into a person in the grip of yes does not seem so impressive until that person is you. When living with you is a healthy yes you will be duly impressed with Jesus’ positive, healing power. Those who live near you filled with yes will soon be impressed, too.

We were created to live yes and that yes is in Jesus.

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