Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Bottom Line

Sometimes the bottom line of our day leaves us full of fear.  Sometimes the bottom line of our day leaves full of happiness.  No one can escape the bottom line of every day.

It is impossible to know the truth about any subject of our  daily lives without dealing with the bottom line.  How much we have and what is left over each day are the bottom lines that give us direction and inspiration or leave us afraid and paralyzed.

Jesus is the bottom line of the universe every day.  Jesus should become the bottom line for every human being because He came to give us abundant life one day at a time.

It is really easy to become disoriented, afraid and paralyzed in this world.  When we take our eyes off of Jesus what is left without Him at the end of the day soon becomes clear and frightening.  The bottom line without Jesus is loss.

When you live each day with Jesus as your bottom line the disorientation, fear and paralysis with be replaced with the peace and joy of God’s bottom line which is Jesus.

“Jesus is all and is in all.”   Col. 3:11

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