Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"Where Am I?"

Anyone who travels regularly and sleeps often far from home knows what it is to awaken in a dark room and ask “Where am I?”.  This disorientation disturbs sleep and makes falling back asleep hard.  Until the question of where we are is answered rest just will not come.
When this happens to me I stay very still and ask Jesus “Jesus, where am I?”.  He kindly says “In Me.”  The peace comes quickly and I can rest again.
It really does not matter where I am, what time it is or how dark it is around me because I am always “in Christ”.
In Christ abundance of love, peace, water and bread await me.  Jesus is all.
In Christ I know what work awaits me in the light. My work is to believe in Jesus.
In Christ I know that I will be surrounded by equality.  In Christ there are no men or women, no slaves and free and no Jews and Greeks.  There are only people living equally in Christ.
In Christ I know that everyone’s goal is the same.  We all exist to love those we need to love in the right moment, in the right manner and in the right measure.  I know that this love will come to me and through me from being in Christ.
It really does not matter where I sleep because I will sleep in Christ.  It does not matter where I awaken and it is dark, I will awake in Christ.  It doesn’t even matter if today is my last day in this world because I will leave this world and live on in Christ.
In Christ is where every believer is at all times.  Orient yourself to Jesus and rest.

Bud McCord
Abide International

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