Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lacking nothing

When I was younger I used to struggle to maintain an early morning devotional life. It seemed no matter what I did I couldn't be disciplined enough to awaken early and seek the Lord. What a frustration!
It seems the Lord has worked this out in my life in an interesting way. He wakes me up earlier and earlier as I grow older and my mind seems to naturally seek Him in the quietness of the morning. I have come to really enjoy this time alone with God as the day begins to brighten outside my apartment window.

Certainly this is no replacement for other devotional times, but I thank God for helping me finally do what I could not do on my own. It is amazing. I can't even claim credit for my devotional life. It is true "without me you can do nothing."

This morning my mind was filled with this thought--"He who has Jesus lacks nothing". I guess my mind was on this thought as I prayed for family and friends in South Florida who are suffering the aftermath of hurricane Wilma. It is so easy to measure what one has by material things or visible circumstances. Yet, he who has Jesus lacks nothing.

Since Jesus is our Vine and we are His branches, he is all we need to live in our world. As hard as that may seem at the time of crisis, it is either true or it is not true. I can begin each day feeling I have all I need or I can begin each day feeling disadvantaged or left out. The choice is mine. The result of the choice is abundance or lack.

I have often said "The difference between Jesus and me is simple. He was satisfied in God 24 hours a day and seven days a week and I am not." Jesus never lived from what He lacked. Jesus lived from His perfect oneness with His Father. Jesus lacked nothing to be what He needed to be in this world. He lacked many things He could have enjoyed yet He never lived from a state of dissatisfaction.

I think the reason we need to have daily devotions is to return each day to a state of satisfaction in God. Who knows what evil will come in a day? If we fail to begin each day in a state of satisfaction, what will we do when the hurricane comes?

My heart is heavy for my family and friends in South Florida. I pray the Lord wakes them up early and tells them "He who has Jesus lacks nothing" To live by faith is to look around at the damage and still be able to say "God is enough." I know my family and friends will find Jesus to be enough.

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bigshoulders said...

thanks for sharing this Bud. i enjoy reading your blog. truly, i do.