Monday, March 10, 2008

First Abide Retreat 2008

The weekend of March 7-9 marked the beginning of our monthly Abide retreats in our Abide Retreat Center in the mountain city of Campos do Jordão. The retreat was exactly what we dreamed it would be nearly 5 years ago when we began to see this vision from the Lord.

There is something very powerful about focusing a willing group of people on the abundance of having the living presence of Jesus in us 24/7. Remarkable things happen to those who dare focus their mind, emotions and will on the perfection Jesus within. The Light really goes on!

The retreat allows this happen as we "coach" others to seek the abundance of Christ within moment by moment. Once they learn that this possibility exists for them and for every believer moment by moment, it is the beginning of learning to receive this joy in the much noisier world they will meet when they go back to the valley where they live and work.

Taking the state of soul one gains in an abide retreat back into the very real and turbulent world of day to day living is the goal.
True Christian life is not designed to run from reality. It is taking the calm of Jesus right into the center of the storm.

Just like surfers look at large waves as a wonderful challenge, so, too, those who abide see the "waves" of life as a challenge the abiding soul can face with joy found in Jesus' perfect presence moment by moment.

Souls at rest can surf the waves of life.

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