Sunday, March 16, 2008

VIP Visit

Some people bring with them a very special kind of presence. Some people have what I call a Very Inspired Presence. They are people who are Inspired by the Presence of Jesus in their lives. A recent visiter to our home and to the Abide Center in Campos do Jordao was just such a VIP. His name is Greg Gregory.

Greg came into our lives back in 2000 through Hollywood Christian School. Problems in the public school in South Florida led Greg and his wife Zully to put their children into Hollywood Christian which is a ministry of the First Baptist Church of West Hollywood. Problems led Greg, Zully and family into a community of people inspired by Jesus. Now Greg, Zully and their entire family are all Very Inspired People. They are all inspired by the presence of Jesus in their lives. They are VIPs.

Greg has business interests in 17 countries. Among those countries are Brazil and Argentina. We reaped the blessing of two days that Greg had open during his business trips to Brazil and Argentina. Next time we hope Zully can come, too.

For now his presence was a VIP moment for Pam and me. Thanks Greg.

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