Wednesday, April 02, 2008


One of the most interesting things I have experienced over the last three years here in Brazil is seeing pastors from all denominational backgrounds grasp the abide message. I have learned to say to pastors "We may not have all the exact same doctrines, but we have the same problems." We do.

Pastors are all having difficulty making disciples and, in some cases, being disciples. The Abide Metaphor of John 15 gives them great hope and a great new vision for what is possible.

This past weekend I spent three days in a city that is part of the greater Rio de Janeiro area. The entire area has over 9 million people and it is an enormous social challenge. In many places it borders on chaos. While I was there they were facing 1000 cases a day of dengue fever from mosquitos. Over 50 had recently died from disease. Pastors and their church members face these challenges daily and they long for a comprehensive view of discipleship that fits these ever changing circumstances.

The message of Jesus' perfect presence in us 24/7 and moment by moment is the comprehensive answer to almost insurmountable odds. As I teach these wonderful truths in such places, my own faith is tested again and again. It is only when I focus on Jesus that I can see the plan fitting all of us in all places. Truly Jesus is enough.

The pictures are from the weekend event at the church near Rio.


Bekah said...

Hi Daddy! Glad to hear your trip went well! I'm thrilled that you didn't contract the fever!

Jen said...

Pastor McCord, I found your blog through someone else. It's great to read up on your ministry. Glad to see God is blessing!