Saturday, April 12, 2008

Abide Peru

One never knows where the Lord will lead us as we abide. We truly become citizens of the kingdom and the entire world becomes a possible place for delivering the love of God.

I never dreamed that God would allow me to find a place to serve in Lima, Peru. It is amazing to watch the Lord put together more and more connections for the Abide ministry.

Together with our sending church Pastor, Russell Johnson, the past six days have been busy with teaching and conversations all across this enormous city of over 14 million. Nearly half the population of Peru lives in this town where it never rains. You can imagine the challenge it is to have this many people in one place and never have rain. To say the least dust is a problem.

Even so, the hearts of the people are open and ready for the message of Jesus' perfect presence. We have been loved and cared for every step of the way.

From taxis with cages to protect the driver or the passengers to wonderful views of the Pacific ocean, life for one who abides is never ordinary or boring. Be sure abiding in Christ will take you to places you never dreamed you would see.

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