Friday, May 08, 2009


I began "twittering" because my son Kevin encouraged me to join this newest communication tool. I am glad I did. I am resisting being old and out of touch. It is a challenge!

I am mostly enjoying the immediate connection to people I love that twitter affords. On the other hand, I am becoming increasingly concerned about some people I follow. Having been at this thing called life for a while, I can see patterns of thought and activity in the comments I read. I almost feel like I am the proverbial "fly on the wall". At times it is almost embarrassing to know so much about a person's moment by moment world. In some cases twitter posts seem like an ongoing Oprah show.

Here is what I am noticing that concerns me most. Many married men I follow seem to be focused almost exclusively on their work, hobbies and outside the home relationships. That may be only because they don't use twitter as a place to talk about family.
I am not sure. I certainly hope I am wrong.

If what I read on their "tweets" is the true picture of what they find most stimulating, their marriages and homes may be in trouble and I almost want to intervene with a comment or two.

If I did talk, here is what I would probably say.

1. Since you talk constantly about food, take your wife to lunch with you once in a while and be excited about it. Mention her.
2. Get as excited about your kids as you do about the latest Apple product or film you just saw.
3. Share a thought about your life that shows some depth of thought beyond "I am eating at..." or "I just saw..."
4. Don't be ashamed to tweet your faith if it provides you with joy.

Do I sound old and out of touch? Go ahead. Send a "tweet" or a facebook comment. I am connected.
By the way.... Happy Mother's day to my beautiful wife Pam. Let's do lunch when I get back from China. Ate at Pizza Hut in Shanghai today. I love all my "Kids."

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