Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Marriage Seminar-Recife

Many times the very first opportunity we have for Abide International ministries to become known in a new city is through our Marriage seminar "Six Metaphors of a Happy Marriage". I accept nearly every invitation to help couples build marriages that reveal God's presence in the world.

An invitation from Recife in northern Brazil came from an evangelical Anglican Church. For me this was a first. I found the people of the Holy Spirit Parish of Recife to be deeply in love with Jesus and reaching their community. They also produced a seminar attendance with over 200 couples present for the six hour study.

They have now asked me to come to Recife twice a year to train their people in abiding discipleship. This church is amazing in so many ways. God keeps surprising me and blessing me as I find Him at work everywhere.

I have learned that different Christian groups do not have the same doctrines on every subject but they have the same problems I have seen my entire life in Baptist churches. I believe abiding is what we all are missing.

These pictures show just a little of joy I found among these dear Brazilian believers.

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