Thursday, April 09, 2009

April Retreat-Campos do Jordão

The heart of the abide ministry in Brazil is our retreat center in the mountains between Rio and São Paulo. There truly is a connection between mountains and clearer thinking.

When we can gather 30 to 40 people at our retreat center from a Friday night until a Sunday afternoon, amazing things happen.
By spending eight hours focused on Jesus as our life, identity, satisfaction, ability and opportunity, we experience what it is to be one with the intentions of God in Christ. We learn better what it means to abide. It is powerful and paradigm changing.

Admittedly, it is easier to abide when one is in a retreat designed to keep the focus on Jesus. The valley of "dailyness" awaits us all at the end of the retreat but Christ in us is greater than the valley and its repetitive challenges.

Our April abide retreat was truly wonderful. Our four volunteers, the leaders of the camp and the great cooks were all at their best.
The teacher did O.K., too!

Enjoy these photos of the April retreat and remember that this is possible because of our abide partners who support this ministry every month.

A special thanks to every church and every abide partner for making this possible. If you are not an abide partner yet, join this fantastic team as we are believing God for 300 retreat participants in 2009 in addition to all the other efforts that go into Abide international.

E-mail me at to let us know you are on the team or for more information. Donations can be sent to our sending church in Miami through our website

Why not plan a retreat near your church? We would love to come even if there are no mountains.

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