Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Human Soul

I have come to understand that the human soul (mind, emotions and will) was originally designed for one holy purpose. That holy purpose is the Glory of God. The Glory of God was originally meant to be revealed in this world by human souls and bodies.
Only one man ever possessed and used his soul 100% for the glory of God. That man never sinned by using His soul for any other purpose except love. That man is named Jesus.

The human soul exists in the universe as the living tool for delivering God's love. The human soul as originally created had no other reason for its existence except the delivery of God's love. This continues to be its true reason for existence.

This noble purpose of the human soul explains why Jesus said the true and final purpose of a human existence is to love God and love one's neighbor. To sin is to use any part of the human soul (mind, emotion or will) l for any other purpose other than delivering God's love. When one sees the soul in this holy and singular light, it is easy to see why Scripture says "For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God". Romans 3:23 Who among us could truly say "I have only used my soul for love."?

When a person is "born again" the very Spirit of God and God's glory enters the human spirit and this Spirit to spirit connection recreates the possibility of a human soul being constantly connected to pure love. This constant connection to pure love allows the soul to deliver God's love once again. This is what is called the "fruit of the Spirit."

The human soul without the very presence of God is incapable of delivering love that God finds acceptable and He could call HIs own love. Paul tried to deliver such love by His love of the law of God as he describes in Romans 7. He concluded that he could not deliver sustained love because sin dwelled in Him and stopped the proper use of the soul.

In Romans 8 Paul describes a new life because the believer is now inhabited by Christ. The soul can love again in a way that God finds acceptable because it is God who produces and sustains the love by His grace which now abides in the human spirit and stimulates and enables the human soul to love again.

Jesus described in John 15 this remaking of the human ability to love as abiding and bearing fruit. Each person in whom Christ abides has the potential to have their soul restored to its original holy purpose. Even so, it is a voluntary relationship which allows the soul to become the divine tool of love once again. "If" we will abide then our souls will be restored to love's delivery and God's glory. Only "if" we abide will this happen.

Read the sermon on the mount in the light of the soul's true purpose and you will see that the human soul will have to undergo a complete restoration in Christ until it becomes "salt" and "light" in a very dark world. As hard as it might be to believe, our souls can be restored to love in this world. As Mike Wells says "There is nothing the presence of Christ cannot cure."

The thought of millions and millions of restored human souls delivering God's love as Jesus did is the true essence of making disciples and spiritual formation. When we set the discipleship "bar" lower than soul restoration for Divine glory, we weaken the witness of the church and we fail our Lord who commanded us to make disciples.

Our souls can be restored to delivering God's love if we will abide in the love of God in Christ. This is the truth which Jesus revealed by His own presence in the world. Rise to the vision of sustained love and God's glory. Be truly human again. Abide.

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