Saturday, April 18, 2009

It Doesn't work

Jesus said "Do not resist and evil person." Why? Because it doesn't work. Resistance is not a cure for evil.
Governments exist to punish evil and reward good. (see Romans 13) Punishing evil is appropriate when one has this power from God to do so. Resisting evil in the name of Jesus is not my job. Overcoming evil with good is.

Of almost all the teachings of Jesus this one about resisting an evil man is the one with which I struggle most. I guess I just don't want to admit that evil is beyond the reach of my powers of persuasion. Evil is overcome by love. Love is not resistance. Love is a cooperation with God's character.

God will judge but He is not resisting. He gives mankind up to follow their evil to its horrible ends. When man is finally exhausted He offers rest in Christ.

Later on in His teachings Jesus says to Peter "They that live by sword die by the sword." The sword is the symbol of the belief that evil can overcome by force. It cannot. I pray that Jesus will remove my sword more each day.

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