Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sin stops love. Let us weep.

Sin stops love.

This is why sin is so horrible. Sin is not horrible because it is the breaking of a law. Sin is horrible because every law of God exists to show us when and where human love stops. Love stopping is what is horrible. Laws cannot keep love flowing because sin in us stops love from flowing from us. Read Romans 7 and you will see that all attempts to keep love flowing through law are destined to failure. Law informs, but law cannot inspire and sustain love because of sin. Only Christ in us can keep love flowing. Sin stops love but Jesus' love stops sin.

I read this morning that the a major american denomination voted to approve homosexuals as leaders and pastors. The reactions on the blog where this news appeared are pretty consistent. Those against say " Homosexuality is not Biblical." Anyone who knows and believes the Bible can see this Biblical truth as clearly as the noon day sun. Homosexuality is truly sin.
To redefine homosexuality as not being sin does not change it. Sin stops love. Homosexuality will mean less Divine love delivered not more love delivered.

What is interesting is the fact those who voted in favor of approving homosexual leadership did so in the name of increasing love in their group. They went on record voting for homosexuality in the name of more love not less. Their vote said "Love is more important than sexual orientation." Love is more important than sexual orientation. That is why true love must say what sin is. Changing standards of sexual orientation to fit our culture diminishes love. Diminishing love is why the Bible says homosexuality is sin. Homosexuality stops God's love from being properly delivered. All sin does the same.

This entire debate is profoundly tragic not because this vote is simply unbiblical. This is profoundly tragic because homosexuality is clearly the stopping of love as God designed love to be delivered. Marriage between a man and woman for life is God's delivery system of love for humans. Whenever we alter this system in any way, we stop the effective delivery of love to humans. The Bible makes this clear. Whether the Bible had said this or not, time would show that homosexual behavior stops the true flow of God's love among humans. The fact that the Bible says it so clearly simply allows us to know in advance where this decision is headed. Sin stops love. This vote for more love will actually produce less love. This is a Biblical fact, but it is a fact that exists where Bibles or denominations don't even exist.

It is one thing to weep and be angry that this denomination disobeyed the Bible. I think the real reason to be angry and weep is because we know in advance that they did not advance love as they intended. They are contributing to less love not more. That is truly a tragedy for them and all they lead. Don't be angry at them because they are Biblically wrong. Be angry and weep because love will be less among them not more. "Be angry and sin not". Don't let their Biblical error become the stopping of love in you toward them. If you do, you, too, break God's law.

We can get all fired up about this because we are Biblically right--and we are-- or we can say "This means we will need to deliver more love than ever since this decision will stop this group from truly delivering love as God intended."

We need to remember that when things were at their very worst for mankind, God sent Jesus as His delivery system of eternal love. God didn't send a written law to stop sin. He sent the law fulfilled as love in Jesus. Now He is sending us. Will we love or just be right? There are Biblical commands about love, you know. Will we obey these words or find a reason not to like this group so tragically did?

Matthew 5: 43-44 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you,"

Sin stops love until love stops sin. Jesus stopped sin for us and now He must stop sin in us and through us. This is Biblical and it is real. I weep not because a law has been broken by this group. I weep because love will be less not more. I weep when I see this in me and I weep when I see it in them. Less love is a loss for all of us and for the glory of God.

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