Thursday, August 27, 2009

The speed of sin and speed of faith

It is easy to follow our thoughts into the darkness. Before we realize it we are back in that old darkness where we once lived and sought relief from pain and our dissatisfaction.

We stay in the darkness for awhile. We know we should leave but we do not want to. We know we have left the light. His voice has followed us into the darkness but we ignore it. If we listen to His voice even for a moment, we know the darkness will lose its grip on us and we will have to go back into the light. Strangely, we want to stay at least for awhile in the darkness even though we know it is no longer our place.

Finally the darkness grows tiring as it always does and our spirit begins to sense that this is no longer our true home. The taste of the darkness is growing sour in our soul and we turn back toward the light as we hear His voice again.

We leave the darkness and Jesus is there. We are embarrassed. What do we say?

Do we confess what we did in the darkness? Is that enough? Is that the real issue?

Perhaps it is good to say what we did but it is not enough to say only that. We need to say that our faith was on hold as we entered the darkness. What led us into the darkness was when we stopped believing Him and hearing His voice. It was that other voice from the darkness that we wanted to hear instead.

Our confession should be deeper than the deeds. Our confession needs to get to the root. The root for us as humans is always faith.

"Jesus, I left you." " Jesus, I stopped hearing you." "Jesus, I didn't want to hear you." "Jesus, I deliberately ignored your presence" "I stopped abiding and I went into the darkness again." "Jesus, I am so sorry."

Yes, it is easy and fast to enter the darkness. We enter at the speed of sin. It is even easier and faster to leave. We enter by the speed of sin but we leave at the speed of faith-the speed of light. When you are in the dark, just say "Jesus, I need you" as a cry for help and you are already back to Him in the light. The light is always just a name away. That name is Jesus when called in faith.

Speaking His name in faith brings the light to you and you to the light. This coming back by faith is the victory that will eventually lead to not going in the darkness at all.

"For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith." I John 5:4 "... for whatever is not from faith is sin." Romans 14:23b

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