Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Time and friends

Pam and I have been travelling in the U.S. for the past three weeks. One thing we have noticed is the way the new is crowding the past across the country. America is a nation that is in love with building new things. The number of new homes under construction is amazing. The size of the homes makes some of them look like hotels.

One really nice moment in our trip was a stop at Riverdale Baptist Church with pastor Brian Mentzer and his wife, Jayne.
The Mentzers are wonderful hosts who live in a wonderful home on the church campus. The home is a restored home originally built in 1830. To be in the dynamic Washington D.C. area with such great friends in such a great home was the best of old and new. We were blessed!

Some things improve with time. Among them are great homes and great friendships. Brian and Jayne are great friends and their home was the perfect setting for a friendship that will last forever.