Thursday, November 30, 2006


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this one is worth even more. The joy of seeing over 103 people baptized in a single day was beyond words. Even the word awesome doesn't quite work.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Old and New

One of the amazing things about the Christian life is the incredible opportunity we each have to connect with people in the name of Jesus. I am convinced the key to friendships in to have a common interest with someone else. The common interest creates the opportunity for a friendship to develop.

This past week Pam and I had a wonderful experience of teaching our new course on Abiding to Tsai and Elza who are "old" friends from our first church planting experience back in the 1980's. Tsai came to our church early in its existence and brought his girlfiend Elza. He was a follower of Jesus but she needed a little help seeing Jesus as her perfect Saviour. It was our privilege to help her see and she believed. Today they are faithfully serving the Lord as a couple and now want to teach the Abiding course to others.

I also travelled to a new Brazilian city and made new friends. The connecting point was our common interest in Jesus. What a wondeful benefit deep and lasting friendships are among all who find Jesus deeply interesting.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November update

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The Human Dilemma-the Human Solution

God's original plan for the world was human dominion through constant fellowship with God. This was plan "A" and there is no indication that plan "A" has been changed. There is no plan "B". All solutions that will ever reach this planet will come through humans cooperating with and enjoying God.

Jesus is the "second Adam". He is not a plan "B" because God's first plan was flawed. Jesus is the new face of plan "A". All plan "A" needs to work are humans 100% satisfied in God 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Jesus showed this new face of plan "A" and all who want to return are now free to do so with Jesus.

When Jesus said his disciples would do greater works than He had done, he was referring to the worldwide expansion of plan "A". Men and women satisfied in God are back! Loving, human solutions are back as we abide in Jesus.

The church is the bride of Christ. The church is the new face of plan "A" as well. Just as surely as the first Adam needed Eve, so, too, the second Adam needs his bride. As the church lives in love and shows itself loyal to the second Adam, the original plan of God begins to make itself more and more known in the world. Because of Jesus and his bride, plan "A" is working again.

The reason love is so important among the followers of Christ is because love is the mark of plan "A" back in action. Love solves problems that matter to those we love. God will not solve human problems without humans living plan "A" through Jesus who is God's visible commitment to his original plan. God will not intervene on earth apart from human participation. That is His only plan. That is why Jesus had to come was the Word made flesh. That is why each of is important right now.

Sometimes people think God had to send Jesus to earth because plan "A" failed. No, God sent Jesus to earth because God's plans will never fail. Once we know what God's plan "A" is we would be very wise to never suggest a plan "B". If the first Adam had understood the unchanging nature of God's plans, then plan "A" would be working as planned and he could have avoided death which was not a part of plan "A".

I am sure the first Adam is one of the second Adam's biggest fans. After all, the first Adam was the first to find out that plan "A" is the only plan. I know the first Adam never thought there would be a plan "B". He just couldn't figure out where the right man would come from to recover plan "A". We now know who that man is and so does Adam #1. God became man and dwelt among us and we saw the glory of plan "A" in action saving the world.

In Jesus, plan "A" never looked or worked better!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Southern Brazil

Pam and I have just returned from a couple's retreat in Southern Brazil. The First Baptis Church of Curitiba invited us to conduct the ABIDING EXPERIENCE course for 135 couples at their annual retreat. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and see a new part of Brazil.

The impact of the course was significant. The simplicity of the John 15 metaphor takes people by surprise. They are impacted by its simplicity and its depth. These words coming directly from Jesus on the last night of His life among His first disciples really communicate how the Christian life works 24X7.

Southern Brazil is beautiful. The entire region is heavily influenced by German culture. It has a European feel to it that makes it seem better organized and calm. We hope to return again.