Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Love's delivery system

There is no shortage of love in the universe.
Think about that for a moment. Could that really be true? If there is no shortage of love then what is wrong with our world?
There is certainly a shortage here.

The problem is not in the supply, it is in the delivery.

The pending global food crisis that is in the news is a similar case in point. There is ample technology and land to produce ample food for the world's 6.5 billion people. The problem is in the delivery system. Protectionism, corruption, greed, wars and ignorance create barriers to what is abundant. If these kinds of mindsets and barriers were gone, the food crisis would be on its way to an end.

I have no degree in economics and I am certainly not a farmer. What I know is that the earth is abundant because God created it to be abundant for us. The food of the human spirit and soul is love. It, too, is abundant but it must be delivered. That is why Jesus said to His first followers. "Abide in my love...."

Jesus is the restoration of love's delivery. Every Christian is a restored delivery system (a branch) for love if we will abide. To the extent we do not abide, we impede the delivery of love. There is a global love crisis and every believer is a part of the solution.

Personal protectionism (fear), corruption, greed, war and ignorance must be destroyed in me for love to flow to those who need it. Only satisfaction found in Jesus moment by moment can overcome these barriers to love.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Abide Peru

One never knows where the Lord will lead us as we abide. We truly become citizens of the kingdom and the entire world becomes a possible place for delivering the love of God.

I never dreamed that God would allow me to find a place to serve in Lima, Peru. It is amazing to watch the Lord put together more and more connections for the Abide ministry.

Together with our sending church Pastor, Russell Johnson, the past six days have been busy with teaching and conversations all across this enormous city of over 14 million. Nearly half the population of Peru lives in this town where it never rains. You can imagine the challenge it is to have this many people in one place and never have rain. To say the least dust is a problem.

Even so, the hearts of the people are open and ready for the message of Jesus' perfect presence. We have been loved and cared for every step of the way.

From taxis with cages to protect the driver or the passengers to wonderful views of the Pacific ocean, life for one who abides is never ordinary or boring. Be sure abiding in Christ will take you to places you never dreamed you would see.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


One of the most interesting things I have experienced over the last three years here in Brazil is seeing pastors from all denominational backgrounds grasp the abide message. I have learned to say to pastors "We may not have all the exact same doctrines, but we have the same problems." We do.

Pastors are all having difficulty making disciples and, in some cases, being disciples. The Abide Metaphor of John 15 gives them great hope and a great new vision for what is possible.

This past weekend I spent three days in a city that is part of the greater Rio de Janeiro area. The entire area has over 9 million people and it is an enormous social challenge. In many places it borders on chaos. While I was there they were facing 1000 cases a day of dengue fever from mosquitos. Over 50 had recently died from disease. Pastors and their church members face these challenges daily and they long for a comprehensive view of discipleship that fits these ever changing circumstances.

The message of Jesus' perfect presence in us 24/7 and moment by moment is the comprehensive answer to almost insurmountable odds. As I teach these wonderful truths in such places, my own faith is tested again and again. It is only when I focus on Jesus that I can see the plan fitting all of us in all places. Truly Jesus is enough.

The pictures are from the weekend event at the church near Rio.