Friday, July 18, 2008

Divine Appointments

"Whoever controls your agenda controls you." I just made that statement up. What do you think? True or false?

I remember hearing over the years that the most powerful person on a church staff was often the Sr. Pastor's secretary. She controlled his agenda. I am not sure I am ready to write a book about this concept of agenda control but I can say from many years of experience, the daily agenda can become one's master.

There is a way to live and lead according to God's agenda. There is a way to live by Divine Appointments. I call it the "Yes, Yes" and "No,No" agenda. Here is how it works.

As you begin each day recognize that your role in the world is to live as a branch in the Vine. You deliver God's love in its many different colors and shades. Yours is not to control but to deliver. Once the day begins see every moment as a delivery moment instead of a task to get done. You are done when you have delivered what God is giving you to deliver.

Be prepared for interruptions and surprises. God is in control.

Yesterday I was in southern Brazil recording radio broadcasts. The schedule is very tight and the effort expended is high.
I received a call from a pastor's wife saying her husband really wanted to meet with me. I checked with the controller of my agenda-the indwelling Christ--and asked if I should say yes or no. The word I got was "yes". That was the end of the discussion. I trust this voice. I believe in the leading of God's Spirit. The pastor was on the agenda and I did not spend another moment worrying about the added effort.

I then found the time that worked. It was breakfast at the hotel where I was staying. That was literally the only time but it was open.

When he arrived I knew this was a Divine appointment. This dear man was a Lutheran pastor for over 23 years in Brazil.
He has studied in Europe and is extremely competent. He had a very deep religious experience that his Lutheran denomination rejected and he has now found himself in the Assembly of God movement. What a switch! The distance between a Brazilian lutheran and an Assembly of God theology professor is beyond my comprehension.

What he wanted from me was mentoring about the abiding life since my radio broadcast and presence in his city is creating a very deep discussion about spiritual formation. He has read my book on the Satisfying Life twice and listened to every radio broadcast we have posted on our brazilian site. I honestly felt like he could mentor me but I know that God wants us on each other's agenda.

If I had gone about setting my agenda any other way than "Yes,Yes" and "No,No" I would have told pastor Egon that my day was too full and our worlds are too far apart.

Do you have enough faith in the indwelling Christ to ask Him to set your agenda? I hope so. I see each day as a brand new experience with God. I just have to keep it as simple as "yes, yes" and "no, no".

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