Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Great idea

Our fantastic daughter Rachel has recently moved to Lynchburg, Virginia with her equally fatastic family. Pam and I were able to visit Rachel, Mark and the 3 kids, Reese, Rylan and Micah, in June. It was wonderful.

While we were with Rachel we also saw old friends and made some new ones. Among Rachel's dearest friends is Jana Verstraete whose husband Ed goes back to our years at First Baptist of West Hollywood, FL. Jana also hosts a weekly Bible Study for young women. Rachel just joined the group.

Jana decided that the group would read my book The Satisfying Life over a 5 week period and discuss the book's content.
Week one has come and gone and the group has covered chapters one to three. According to Rachel it created a great discussion and challenged their thinking about the Christian life and the abundance we have in Jesus.

I had not considered this kind of use for the book. I had prepared the DVD series for small groups, but this idea could catch on, too. Whatever gets people focused on Jesus is fine with me!

To get Rachel's personal perspective on this kind of group just e-mail her at

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