Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Brains are not enough

I have come to enjoy two TV shows because they challenge my thinking and they keep me guessing. One show is "DR. HOUSE".
The other is "BONES". The writers of these shows are among the best. Congratulations to them all.

One thing, however, that is striking about these shows is the contrast between the character's professional brilliance as scientists and doctors and their complete inability to start and sustain a loving relationship for even one episode. I challenge you to watch any of today's hit shows and see where brilliance or intelligence equals sustained love. It is as if brilliance in one's field means failure in one's relationships.

Last night Pam and I watched an episode of House and one of Bones. We bring these shows on DVD from the USA so we can avoid most of what is on the TV down here in Brazil. As we watched it suddenly dawned on me that Christians have a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate brilliance exactly where today's TV writers and executives don't think it exists---in relationships.

Because Christ dwells in us we can and should be brilliant at sustaining relationships. That is what will keep us eternally relevant in any culture. This is where Christians have the edge.

As always, Jesus knew what every culture would be bad at---sustained love.

Let's be brilliant at staying in love with our one and only spouse, our kids, our relatives and our neighbors. We may not make great TV, but let's make great life by sustaining love.

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