Thursday, January 29, 2009


One of the goals of the abide ministry is to help people realize that the Christian life is 24/7 and moment by moment. Once in a while a sincere disciple makes a commitment to abiding that is truly deep and very public.

Our sending church pastor Russell Johnson sent me this story about one such sincere disciple. This is really inspiring to me.

Hey Bud,

This morning at our men’s prayer meeting I was paired with one of our men, Gervacio. Gervacio and his wife, Carmen, are relatively new (less than 2 years) and they have really been going through it lately. They are a young couple who were brought to church by his boss who also attends the church.

Gervacio’s dad is dying with lung cancer and they have taken him into their home and they serve as his primary caregivers. In the last few months the construction business has dropped off so much that his company had to let Gervacio go. His wife is studying to get her Master’s degree but she can only work as a lawyer’s assistant at this time.

This morning I asked him how he was making it and he said he had started a small property management business. So far, he only has one 17 unit apartment building in a not so great part of North Miami BUT he told me he was able to really improve the looks of the place and all but 2 units were rented and the owner was really happy with his work. He is hoping that she will recommend him to others and that the business would grow.

After sharing all of that he looked at me with a sheepish smile and said: ”The name of my business is Abide Property Management.”

If we can keep them thinking about abiding during these tough times, maybe we can have it so ingrained in them that it will survive the good times also!

Just thought you would want to know.


I believe God is going to honor this commitment to obeying Jesus' last words to abide. Abiding is for the good and the bad times.

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