Monday, January 19, 2009


Pam and I have been visiting with Rachel and Mark in Lynchburg, Virginia while recording a dvd series based on our marriage seminar Six Metaphors of a Happy Marriage. While here I have been experienced a theology course called "Grandkids".
Listening to our grandkids teaches me new things every day about how to be great in the Kingdom.

Six year old Reese expressed her happiness about recently receiving Jesus as her Saviour by saying "When I prayed to receive Jesus my heart was filled with joy!" She worshipped.

Five year old Rylan always is ready to eat when hungry. My favorite Rylan theological statement is "I hungry!" He knows how important satisfaction is to happiness.

Nearly two year old Micah has reminded me to ready to say " I can't!" when I am facing a challenge bigger than me. I also love Micah's use of "Yes!" and "No!" He never leaves any doubt about where he stands at any moment. Just ask him anything and you get an instant "Yes!" or "No!" No deeption in His little heart.

I love grandkid theology.

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