Monday, January 05, 2009


The earth is a system of generosity. It is amazing to think what the earth is capable of producing that blesses us each day.
Perhaps this is the reason it is God's will that we are to give thanks in everything. Sun, rain, air, plants, beauty and food are just a few of the generosities of this world God created.

It is when we consider human beings that we see the breakdown of generosity on earth. If every human were as generous as the earth is 24/7 the difference would be dramatic to say the least.

Even so, we see incredible glimpses of human generosity that help us see what humans can be. I read this morning that a woman died while trying to save her dog. People can be so incredibly generous when they are in the grip of love.

Christians are to be the salt and light of the world. They are to be continuously generous like the earth God created. Christians are to live continuously in the grip of love. To abide is to live in the grip of God's generous love in Christ.

Generosity is the effect of love's generous grip on a human life. Jesus was abiding in His Father's love. Jesus is not just a glimpse of generosity. Jesus is what a human being looks and acts like when truly abiding in the grip of God's continuously renewed love.

Christians don't need to control the world to influence it. Christians need to be generous with love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness and the other fruit of the Spirit to influence it and overcome it.

Only by abiding in Jesus moment by moment can we ever hope to be human. To be human is to be generous.

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